Membership Agreement
The Private Cancer Club
Rob Wallace is the founder of this website, and going forward will be referred to as the founder. The founder
reserves all rights to this website, including both the public and private portions of the site.  

I understand and agree that the information in the member portion of this website is confidential. I agree that I
WILL NOT COPY any of the information in either portion of the site without the written permission of the
founder.  I will NOT present all or any part of the content on this website in any public forum, This includes
text, pictures, video or any other media, such as radio, TV, or any printed public forum such as magazines,
newspapers, or any other public forum.  

I understand my user name and password is for my use only.  I WILL NOT GIVE MY PASSWORD OUT to
anyone or allow anybody else to use my password.  I understand when I log into the member site, I can show
the site to my family members, but not friends or acquaintances.  However I can discuss with my friends
what the site is about, and I am free to encourage all my friends and acquaintances to join the club and
become members as well.

I agree that if I ever meet the club founder, I will NOT secretly film and/or record our encounter, and I will
not present this media to a television station or broadcaster, and I will not allow any such film or recording to
be broadcast on Television, on the Internet, or on the radio, without the express written consent of the

I understand that I can quit the club membership at any time, by going into my PayPal account and un
subscribing, or by calling PayPal directly, or by contacting the founder,  and I will not be liable for any further
charges.  I also will not be eligible for any refund if I quit my membership early.  

I understand that all the information here on the public portion of this website and on the private portion of
this website has not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. I understand that the founder is not
indicating that any of the information on these sites will cure me or anyone I know of any disease, only that
1,000's of other people have reportedly been cured.

I understand that the founder is not a medical doctor, and does not provide medical consultations or advice to
patients.  I understand the founder is providing information only and what I do with this information is strictly
up to me, and I will not hold the founder liable for any results, reactions, or negative side effects that may
occur to myself or any person that I have discussed this information with that may have decided to act upon
any part of the information presented in the member site.  I understand that I will not pursue legal action
against the founder of this web site for any damages of any kind or for any other reason.

If I or a loved one is cured of cancer using any method at all, whether related to any information on this site
or not, I realize that I am not obligated, but I am encouraged to share this good news and the steps that were
taken to achieve this result with the founder, who will make this information available to all other members.  I
realize that sharing information about cancer treatments that have been proven to work will make the club
stronger, and will potentially help thousands (maybe millions?) of other people.