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The Private Cancer club
Why not buy your Essiac Tea from a guy who actually met Nurse Rene Caisse in person
back in the mid 1970's.  

After more than 20 years of cancer research, I am considered by some to be their number
one source for information on cancer and how to recover their health.

The herbs in Essiac Tea (Slippery Elm, Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Turkish Ruhbarb
Root) are sourced from a top notch wholesale distributor right here in Ontario Canada.

I sell the Essiac Tea in 2 ways.  

I brew my own batches and sell the brewed Essiac Tea in 1 Litre mason jars, just like Rene
Caisse did.

I also make and sell
self brew kits.  These brew kits contain the 4 dried herbs, in the same
proportions that Rene Caisse used.  The kits come with detailed instructions on how to brew
the tea yourself.  In order to brew the tea yourself you will need a large pot (cannot be  
aluminum) capable of holding 6 litres of water, and half a dozen 1 Litre mason jars.  It's not
difficult to make, and it tastes good.  

I do not ship the brewed tea, too heavy plus there are breakage issues.  The brewed tea is
available for pick up at my Mississauga location.  The brewed Essiac Tea is available at
$30.00 for each 1 Litre bottle.

The self brew kits are $40.00 each.  Each kit will make 4.5 - 5 litres of Essiac Tea.

I also sell Pau D'Arco Tea and a vast number of other herbal teas and herbal products,
spices, essential oils, flavourings & extracts, too many to list here.  

To purchase Essiac Tea, or other products, please contact Rob Wallace by email or phone

Phone - 905-609-5361

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