Private Cancer Coaching
The Private Cancer club

The Private Cancer Club is now offering private one on one Cancer Coaching.

We understand when a person is sick, it can be overwhelming trying to learn new things -
like how to save their lives and cure their cancer by just reading a website.  

Reading this website is always recommended as a first step. But if after reading the vast
amount of information available here, you are not sure of the best path forward for yourself,
you may wish to take advantage of this personal coaching with the person who has studied
cancer treatments for over 20 years.

Private coaching fees are just $40 an hour.  These sessions can be held over the phone, via
Zoom, or in person (once covid is over).

Contact  Rob Wallace to set up an appointment today.
Don't delay, when you have cancer, time to waste is a luxury you do not have.


Phone:   905-609-536

All proceeds from the coaching will be used to support this website, and the continued
mission to help as many people as possible to cure their cancer and recover their health.  

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