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It is true that there are many websites about cancer.  The problem is many of these
sites contain some information that is true, and some of the information out there is
just simply not true.  The problem is determining what is actually true and what isn't.  
You more you read, the more you can become confused as to what is true and what
isn't.  You can waste hours and hours reading through dozens of sites, and end up not
really learning what you need to know.  And when it comes to curing cancer, it is
extremely important to know the truth about what works and what doesn't.

I have spent 100's of hours over a 1
5 year period doing in depth research on these
websites, books, articles, medical journals, etc.   I have also had in depth discussions
with a number of other brilliant medical researchers.  This is the level of dedication
and commitment that is needed to get to the truth about what really is the best way to
cure and prevent cancer.

I have done all this work so I can now provide my members with the real truth about
how they can prevent and cure themselves of their cancer.  By joining the Private
Cancer Club today, you will be able to take advantage of my in depth research to
quickly learn what you need to know in order to take control of your health forever.  

My research will be continuing so as time goes on I plan to have new information to
add to the site on a semi regular basis.  By continuing your membership you will
continue to be informed of all the latest developments.  As more and more members
join, the bounty of information is certain to expand.  

In Canada, tens of thousands of people waste millions of dollars on cancer lotteries
every year..  The tickets are $100 each.  They are fooled into thinking that their money
will help to find a cure.  Since the health care is a for profit industry, finding a cure
would put themselves out of business.  So no matter how much money they collect,
the chances of them announcing a cure is very remote, and I believe these people are
wasting their money.  

By joining the PRIVATE CANCER CLUB the information you learn could save your
life or the life of a loved one.    

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