My name is Rob Wallace.  I am the founder of The Private Cancer Club.  I live near
Toronto, Ontario Canada.  When I was a child I saw a number of people in my
community come down with cancer and pass away.  I remember thinking how
unlucky they were that they caught this disease and the doctors could not help
them.  But I also knew they were busy doing lots of research, so I felt confident that
the doctors would figure out soon how to cure this terrible condition.  

Fast forward 20 -30 years, now I am watching my grandparents and my father die
from cancer.  After decades of raising Billions and Billions of dollars for research,
they had failed miserably at finding a cure for cancer.  After my father died from
lung cancer in 1999, I realized that if (god forbid) I ever came down with this
disease, that I could not trust the doctors to cure me.  This is when I decided I had
better start researching this disease myself to find out what can be done.

I have done research in my spare time for over 13 years now.  I was shocked and
disappointed in what I found out.  I discovered that over the years there has been
several people discover cancer treatments that are far more effective than the terrible
3 used today (chemo,radiation,surgery) and when they tried to help cancer patients,
they were shut down by the medical establishment.  The US government has made it
perfectly clear that they are willing to throw people in jail for promoting any cancer
cure that does not involve the mainstream treatments.

I believe that people's health is more important than corporate profits, and I believe
people should have the right to the truth about what really is the most effective
methods to cure this disease.  

I have created this PRIVATE CANCER CLUB so that I will have a forum where I
can legally teach people about everything I have learned about cancer, and how to
treat it naturally and for a fraction of the cost of todays Chemo / radiation / surgery

I have been asked why I don't just write a book about cancer. I believe this club
membership forum is far superior to a book.  Once a book is written and published,
the information can become stale, as new information gathered will not be in the
book.  As my research continues and I discover new items, I can update the site and
all members can continue to have access to all my up to date research information.  
Also this membership forum allows the members to be interactive, share treatment
options that worked for them.  I believe this membership forum will benefit
members far more than a book ever could.  

Lets clear the clouds of propaganda and let the truth come shining through.

Is this club for me?
About the Founder
The Private Cancer Club