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The Private Cancer Club
There are 9 reasons why you might want to join the Private Cancer Club.  Please scroll
down to the reason that fits your situation.

I currently am suffering with cancer.
Then this club is for you.  As a member you will learn the reasons why the conventional
treatments (chemo,radiation,surgery) are not only ineffective, but they actually damage your
body and make your recovery often impossible. Statistics show that over 500,000 people
died from ineffective cancer treatments in the US in 2012. That is over 1,300 people every
single day.  Your life is at stake.  It is critical for you to learn the truth, before it is too late.  
You will learn about methods (mostly natural) that are more effective than the conventional
treatments.  I honestly believe the information you will learn in this PRIVATE CANCER
CLUB will provide you with your best chance of survival and recovery.

I am afraid that I could develop cancer some day.
Your are not alone.  Cancer is a very scary subject.  Almost every one of us has witnessed a
friend or loved one die from this horrible disease.  The treatments prescribed by doctors for
these people were ineffective and it cost them their lives. And we are worried this could
happen to us.  This is one of the several great reasons I have created this PRIVATE
CANCER CLUB.  I believe the information you will learn as a club member will reduce
your fear of this disease.  We are always fearful of things we don't understand.  Once you
learn and understand what cancer is, how to virtually guarantee that you never develop
cancer in your lifetime, as well as how to eradicate  the cancer if you do come down with it,
your fear of cancer will be greatly diminished.

A loved one has cancer, and I want to help them.
Nobody wants to lose a loved one to cancer.  But we often feel helpless and don't know
what to do to help them beat this disease.  By joining the PRIVATE CANCER CLUB you
will learn about several different treatments which has cured 1,000's of other people of their
cancers. If cancer is treated correctly, it does not have to be a death sentence.  No one
should ever have to lose a loved one this way.

My surgery, chemo, & radiation treatments are now complete and my Doctor tells me they
got all the cancer, I am now in remission.
I wish I could say congratulations.  But I can't.  I cant even count the number of times I
have heard about a person receiving 1 or more of the dreadful 3 mainstream treatments and
their cancer has come back 1 or 2 years later.  This happened to my father.  The doctors
sliced out more than 1/2 of his right lung.  They told them they got all the cancer, he was
cancer free.  The cancer came back 1 1/2 years later and he passed away.  The unfortunate
truth is the odds of this happening are quite high because the dreadful 3 treatments do not
get to the cause of why the cancer occurred in the first place.  If you do not correct the
situation that allowed the cancer to flourish in the first place, it is very likely to return.  By
becoming a member of the PRIVATE CANCER CLUB, you will learn how cancer
develops,  what needs to be done to ensure you completely recover, and how to ensure that
the cancer never returns.

I have cured my cancer with alternative treatments and I am now cancer free.
Congratulations.  I am so happy for you.  In my experience, people who cure themselves of
cancer using natural methods are usually ecstatic and want to share their knowledge with the
world.  Here is an avenue for you to do it.   Please join our PRIVATE CANCER CLUB and
help us to build the worlds largest data base on which treatments (natural or otherwise) are
absolutely proven to work.  By doing so you will be doing your part to help people the world
over to truly beat this disease.

My loved one has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The doctors say nothing can be
done.  Is there any reason for hope at all at this point,
This is always sad news to receive.  The answer depends on how much chemo and radiation
damage has been done to the immune system.  The more treatments the patient has
received, the more damaged the immune system will be.  Eventually the immune system is
so damaged & weak that most people simply can not survive.  By joining the PRIVATE
CANCER CLUB you will learn about a couple different natural remedies that have been
proven to reduce the patients pain, and increase their appetites, and make them much more
comfortable.  Now I don't want to give you false hope, by not all hope is lost even at this
point.  However it is crucial to act fast, as time is very limited at this stage.  Your loved ones
life is in jeopardy.  The longer you wait, the lower your survival chances become.  

You will learn about a natural treatment that was used by a nurse for over 50 years.  This
treatment was only allowed to be given to terminal patients that had already undergone all
the chemo & radiation and were left for dead by the doctors.  Even under these dire
circumstances, my research indicates approximately 20% - 25% of them still made a
complete recovery.  And these patients only used this one natural treatment.  

By being a member of the club, you will learn about several other treatments that can be
used simultaneously to the one mentioned above, which should increase your survival
chances significantly.  But I must make it very clear, if you have received this diagnosis,
then time is critically short and you need to act immediately.  I truly believe their best chance
of survival at this point is to become a member and learn how other terminal cancer patients
have recovered.  

As a member you will also learn about how an amazing research scientist cured 100% of the
terminal cancer patients sent to him.  He used no drugs whatsoever, and he did this 70 years
ago back in the 1940's.  Learning about this information may help you to save your loved
ones life.  

My loved one has lost their battle with cancer.
I am so sorry for your loss.  I have lost loved ones to cancer and I know how much it hurts.  
Please join the PRIVATE CANCER CLUB.  You can learn how to help yourself and your
remaining loved ones from the same fate.  It would also be helpful to everyone if you shared
with us the details of the treatment(s) they received.  This would help us with our goal of
compiling the worlds largest data base on which cancer treatments are successful and which
ones are not.

My pet has cancer
Everyone loves their pets.  Many people have lost pets to cancer as well.  By joining the
PRIVATE CANCER CLUB you will learn that most of the natural treatments that have
been proven to work on humans can be used on your pet as well.  By joining the club you
will not only be learning how others have saved their own life, the lives of their friends and
loved ones, you will also be learning how others have saved their pet from cancer as well.

I am an alternative medical practitioner.
I invite you to join the PRIVATE CANCER CLUB.  You may discover new methods for
treating cancer that you are not currently aware of.  It would also benefit everyone greatly if
you could share with all of us your best practices for curing cancer patients naturally.   If we
can attract a large number of alternative doctors to share their best practices this will truly be

Our Mission

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