Will I receive Medical Advice from this club?
The Private Cancer Club
Absolutely Not.  If you are looking for medical advice, you have come to the wrong
place.  I am NOT a doctor.  I cannot legally give you medical advice for a specific
problem on a specific patient.  Only licensed medical doctors can legally provide
specific medical opinions.  If you are looking for medical advise, you will not find it
here, please contact a licenced medical doctor.  

But I would like to remind you that over 500,000 people in the US alone in 2012 sought
medical advice from their doctors for their cancer, they followed their medical doctors
advice, and
they are now dead. And it is still going on.  Millions of people worldwide are
still dying every single year from cancer.
You don't have to become the next statistic.  

I am not a doctor, I am an INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER.  I have spent hundreds of
hours over the last 20+ years doing research into Cancer.  I had many questions about
cancer that I wanted answers to.  Why do some people get cancer but not everyone?  
What is Cancer?  How does it develop?   If you get cancer, is it an automatic death
sentence, or is there something that can be done about it?  Why are so many people
dying from cancer when Billions of dollars have been spent on research?  

One of the first things I learned is that getting at the truth is very difficult.  It became
obvious that someone was trying very hard to keep this knowledge hidden.   But I was
determined to get to the bottom of cancer and find out the truth.  

Instead of medical advice, what you will receive by being a PRIVATE CANCER CLUB
member is INFORMATION about cancer, and I will report on actual methods that other
people have successfully used to be cured of their cancer, either by themselves, or with
the help of either mainstream or alternative medical doctors.  

I believe it is very foolish to allow yourself to be blindly directed by any doctor to follow
cancer treatments that you don't know much.  This disease is for too serious to allow
that to happen.  Over 1/2 a million people did that last year and paid the ultimate price
for blindly following doctors orders.  With a disease this serious, it is paramount that
you understand exactly what these treatments are doing to your body.  Are they
effective?  Are they doing me good, or damaging my body beyond repair?

Did you hear about the cancer drug that has been linked with causing flesh eating
disease?  Its true.  There is an article in the Toronto Star May 3rd 2013.  It explains that
52 people that were given the cancer drug Avastin contracted flesh eating disease.  17
of these people died from it.  Health Canada issued a warning about the drug to health
care providers, and the FDA issued a similar warning in March.  How much faith are
you willing to put into the pharma companies and your doctor??

As a member you will learn about the effects of the treatments regularly used today, and
you will also learn about different treatments that have been used in the past that have
reportedly  saved countless lives already.

You will be able to benefit from my 100's of hours (18 years) of research work, to
quickly and easily learn what you need to know to win your battle with cancer, or even
to prevent the cancer from occurring in the first place.  

I think it is important for people to understand that the best time to learn about cancer  
and to start protecting themselves from cancer is BEFORE they get cancer, not after.  
The reason is because it is easier, cheaper, and virtually painless.  The more advanced
your cancer is, the more treatment you will need to get better.  This will cost more, and
you will suffer much more.  Advanced cancer is extremely painful, believe me, you
don't want to go there.  

As a member you will learn how consuming a 2 oz drink (containing a substance which
I cannot talk about here) daily will virtually guarantee that you will never develop cancer
as long as you live.  This has been proven to be true, and I have personally witnessed
this myself.  And no you will never hear about this drink from your medical doctor.

So whether you currently have cancer or not,  I highly recommend that you become a
member today.  Here at the Private Cancer Club, we want to do everything we can to
save everyone from this horrible disease.  But we cant help you if you don't become a  
member.  Please join today.  

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