To break through the darkness and shed light on the truth about the most
effective cancer cures available.

There are 3 main treatments given to cancer patients today by the medical industry. I like to
refer to them as the dreadful 3.  They are chemo, radiation,and surgery.  I prefer to call
these 3 treatments by synonyms of these words which gives you a clearer picture of what
these treatments are actually doing to you.  My 3 synonyms for these treatments are
poisoning, burning, and butchering.  

The fact that over 500,000 people in the US were forecasted to die from cancer in 2012
(American Cancer Society) is a very strong indicator that these methods are not working.  
And on a per capita basis a higher % of Canadians are dying of cancer than people in the
US.   These statistics can only lead me to one conclusion, and that is you simply can't trust
your doctor to save you life in this situation.  It's high time that someone created a data base
of all cancer treatments, and provided the truth about which ones are the most effective.  

Our mission is to spread the word about other cancer treatment options, that according to
my research, are far more effective than the treatments currently being used mainstream,
and they do not have the horrible side effects that the dreadful 3 treatments have.

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Cancer can be a very complicated subject and the treatments proposed can also be very
complicated.  Our mission at the Private Cancer Club is to provide members with
information about cancer in an easy to read format that everyone can understand, not just
medical experts.  Also the treatments you will learn about have been proven effective and
are easy enough that anyone can use on their own.  If you feel more comfortable working
with an alternative practitioner that is fine, but if we achieve our goal most people will likely
feel that it is not necessary.  

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